2nd Place Cassini Hackathon

In November 2021, I participated in a hackathon organized by Cassini, the goal of the hackathon was to develop solutions that solve problems in the Arctic, related with the safe passage at sea, wildlife or life on land. I was part of team of 6 people who decided to work in the safe passage at sea challenge. We proposed to solve an optimization problem, where the objective was to minimize the time spent by vessels in the sea, but with the constraint of not navigating in routes where vessels could harm animals.

Import Coffee

Import Coffee is a programming association in Facultad de Estudios Estadísticos, was created by a friend and I in 2018, with the objective of creating a place where people interested in programming can gather and talk, since 2018, IC has gathered dozens of members and has organized several workshops.

Lip Reading

For my Bachelor’s thesis I trained a model in a dataset of videos to predict which word was a person uttering in the video, I used three approaches, PCA + Support Vector Machine, PCA + Hidden Markov Model and neural networks. You can check the github repo of the project.


I have interviewed more than 20 people for my podcast, university professors, investors, entrepreneurs, personal trainers… The podcast main theme is data and careers. Even though right now I am not active on this project in the future I would like to take it up again.

R Shiny Dashboard

While in lockdown I created a dashboard to visualize the covid situation by countries, you can check it out in github.

Top 10 Compluemprende Hackathon

In november of 2020, I participated in a hackathon organized by compluemprende, I was part of a team of 5 people, the goal was to develop a startup in a weekend, our idea was to gather data from peoples cars with the intention of measuring their driving skills, with this data we could help them in two ways, first, we offer driving tips, second, we offer them a custom car insurance based on their driving performance. After the hackathon, we decided to continue with the project, unfortunely, all of us were working in other projects, such as studying or having a job, and we left the project, this made me realized that creating a startup is a big commitment.